Training tool

MIGRANTS+ adapts to migrants and further develop the software tool produced by the FIL Leonardo project, which detects learning needs in basic skills such as numeracy, ICT, use of internet, communication skills, human relations, occupational health and safety and proposes users individualised training curricula "Isues of interest".

SAOS is a software that can assess the basic skills of the interested person in various occupations and proposes an individualised training course curriculum. The tool is based on a self-assessment model that takes into consideration different parameters of an individual person (educational background, work experience, available skills, etc).

SAOS includes development of further skills, as language literacy (English, Czech, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish), legislation (human rights, employment laws and social security) and intercultural issues. Literally, it means the development of pools of questions and respective set of curricula for each of these topics and adaptation / translation of already existing material.

Download SAOS Demo

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended for Windows Vista or newer to install the software in the default installation path: C:\SAOS

Note: In order to enter the software the first time as an administrator, you have to use the username: “trainer” and the password: “trainer”. It is recommended to change them after your entry in the system.